Virtual WGP – January 5 miler results

First and foremost, January is done ✅!

Lockdown along with some brutal weather conditions has equalled low motivation, yet Strava has been flooded with inspiration and encouragement from fellow Harriers.
Whether your aim was to beat that handicap, bag a PB or just get it done, a massive well done to everyone that took part.

Despite the coldest January on record, over 50 of you braved those elements.
Even more impressive, is that 30 of you managed to score maximum points in those conditions.
A far cry from the numerous “Are you sure you’ve got the right handicap for me?” messages that were received at the start of the event!

Our fastest runners were all under 30 minutes;

🥇 29:15 Iain Hall
🥈 29:42 Andy Wigmore
🥉 29:47 James Duthie

Our handicap champion, was Donna Thompson, who beat her predicted time by over 5 minutes!
We certainly wont be so kind in February mind 😉

Full results can be found below;

We’ve also been hard at work collating all the results, there were a few technical difficulties, so thanks for your patience.
Current podium is as follows;

🥇 212 Jennifer Berry
🥈 208 Iain Hall
🥉 200 Adrian Goodwin, Chrystal Skeldon, James Duthie, Karl Burton & Myra Robson

Its definitely a bit crowded on there. To find out how close you are to the podium, check out the full table.

With only 2 events left, our Virtual WGP title is still up for grabs. It also shows how important the points from Paddy’s MNF will be.
Our February event will be a 10km to see how far we’ve progressed since the Virtual WGP started.
See you all on Monday night 💪