Gordon Smith Relays – Results

Fastest Senior Lady – Jennifer Berry

Thanks to everyone who took part in our first (and hopefully last!) virtual Gordon Smith Relays, which saw over 400 competitors running in more than 130 teams!

It was great to see so many clubs taking part and we hope you enjoyed putting your club vests on and running as a team (even if it wasn’t in the conventional manner). We’ve certainly found these sorts of challenges a source of motivation and a much craved way to connect during these tough times.

Most importantly we thank everyone (from the bottom of our hearts) for their generous donations to a charity very close to our heart – St Oswald’s Hospice. At time of writing the total has exceeded all our expectations and stands at a whopping £1,200. There’s still time to donate if you ran and would like to do your bit to help provide palliative care to adults, young people and children in the North East of England. Any donation, big or small, would be much appreciated. The link is here.

It was a hot old week but there was some cracking times. Well done everyone! Headlines are:


1 Tyne Bridge Harriers A 0:30:25
2 Wallsend Harriers A 0:32:13
3 Tyne Bridge Harriers B 0:32:32
4 Heaton Harriers A 0:32:41
5= Blyth Harriers A 0:32:47
5= Elswick Harriers A 0:32:47

Fastest legs:


1 Finn Brodie Tyne Bridge Harriers 0:09:23
2 Josh Fiddaman Blyth Harriers 0:09:47
3 Ian Robinson Heaton Harriers 0:10:29


1 Paul O Mara Tyne Bridge Harriers 0:10:29
2 Paul Turnbull Tyne Bridge Harriers 0:10:33
3 Andrew Ball Elswick Harriers 0:10:44



1 North Shields Poly A 0:36:44
2 Jarrow & Hebburn A 0:37:00
3 Heaton Harriers A 0:37:27
4 Wallsend Harriers A 0:37:53
5 South Shields Harriers A 0:38:12

Fastest Legs:


1 Jennifer Berry Wallsend Harriers 0:11:46
2 Dani Smythe Heaton Harriers 0:12:01
3 Catherine Young Claremont RC 0:12:12


1 Alexis Dodd Jarrow & Hebburn 0:11:41
2 Stephanie MacLean Dann North Shields Poly 0:11:54
3 Fran Dembele South Shields Harriers 0:12:15

Here are the full, final results.

Thank you also to the brilliant Richard Houghton from Elswick Harriers (AKA Dad About Running) for doing the ‘official’ route and sharing it with us!

Keep running everyone and hopefully we’ll see each other again soon!


  • Leslie Venmore

    Not a fan of “Virtual” Events, and only found out about this on Heaton H newsletter. Not sure how times are worked out but on last known form, Danni Smythe would have been the fastest lady by some way.

    • We know virtual events aren’t everybodies cup of tea, but we thought we’d do something fun for our members and the local running community, whilst raising money (£1300+ at the time of responding) for a fantastic cause, in St Oswalds Hospice.

      We sent notice and participation rules out to all local clubs and posted on our website (http://www.wallsendharriers.org/?p=4563) and social media about the event too.