Training Schedule wc 1st June ??

Here’s the training plan for next week; remember to keep in touch with your club mates – with lockdown slowly being lifted, if you do train together then please remember to keep your social distance, hammer that Strava kudos button and drop in on our social media channels.

Don’t forget it’s our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday @ 18:30, the club needs you and your ideas more than ever! Check your emails for joining instructions.

As always, let us know if you’ve any feedback or questions.

Paddy’s patter

It has been absolutely brilliant to see you representing the Green and Gold with some phenomenal times in the our first Virtual Gordon Smith Relays!
We’ve helped raise over £1100 for the folk over at St Oswalds, you should be tremendously proud of yourselves.
It’s a busy and important week for the club, MNF is back to its usual evening slot and we have our Virtual AGM on Wednesday with some important decisions to be made on the future of your club.
Check your emails on how to join and I’ll see you there. ??

Zones and Pacing

Zone and target pace HR
Very Easy x 1.5 12:00 65%
Easy x 1.3 10:22 72%
Marathon x 1.09 08:45 83%
Threshold x 1.04 08:16 87%
Interval x 0.95 07:36 95%
Reps x 0.87 07:00 98%
Fast x 0.81 06:30 99%

Here’s the science bit, all times below based on running at 8 mins per mile for a 10k. You may need to adjust the timings for your own individual pace.

Following feedback we’ve created a pace calculator to allow you to work out your target paces easily, just enter your target 10k time in the h:mm:ss format and let it do the hard work for you.
For example 45 minutes would be 0:45:00, 65 minutes would be 1:05:00

Intermediate plan

Mon 30 mins S&C
Tue 10 min VE, 2 x (1 mile T, 4 x 200m R) 90 sec rec, 10 min VE
Wed Rest

AGM 18:30

Thu 30 min E
Fri 30 min E, 10 min T
Sat Rest
Sun 65 min E

Advanced plan

Mon Monday Night Fitness
30 mins S&C
Tue 10 min VE, 2 x (1 mile T, 4 x 200m R) 90 sec rec, 10 min VE
Wed 45 min E

AGM – 18:30

Thu 30 min E
Fri 10 min VE, 3 x (1200m I, 90 sec rec, 200m F) 4 mins between sets, 10 min VE
Sat Rest
Sun 60 min E, 15 min M

As always please remember to train following the current government advice around social distancing.
We’ll get through this together ??