Elaine starts the New Year as she means to go on!

NEW YEAR'S DAYElaine Liu took all the glory on a brisk morning at the New Year’s Day Winter Grand Prix race. Elaine stormed around in the fastest female time of 34:12.8 seconds ahead of Paul Stretesky who finished in a time of 33:50. Paul James rounds off the top 3 with a 32:42. Harry Coates once again takes the fastest male with a time of 26:43. Well done guys.

First junior to finish was Denver Stretesky with a 31:06, Olly Aird in 2nd and fastest junior with 31:01, Mason Stretesky 3rd 36:54, and Matty Summers 4th with a 37:05. Great running guys.

Attached is the updated grand prix table, with the maximum 50 points awarded to each finisher, well done everyone! And a massive thank you to Shirley Summers, Lyndsey Day, Michael Day and Leanne Smith for helping out with the timings and officiating.

NYDay race