First Virtual SGP Challenge

A huge well done to one and all for your WGP efforts. Watch this space for the results…

April marks the first of our Summer Grand Prix challenges. This one will be virtual, but we are hoping we will be able to host some ‘live’ events in the near future!

Your challenge is to run 2 miles as fast as you can. Ideally you would do this on the official Rising Sun SGP course, but we will happily accept any 2 mile route!

Important: before you run, decide on a target time and verify this with your coach.

You have from Saturday the 10th until Friday 30th April. This means any Good Friday relay legs will not be counted, sorry!

Feel free to run with buddies or in small groups, following covid guidelines. Whether your motivation is to log some early points on the SGP leaderboard, to beat your Good Friday Relay time or to gain a bit of summer-racing confidence, remember to just enjoy yourself and have a bit of fun.

Go team WHAC!!