Virtual WGP – October 10k results

With the cold, dark nights drawing in and lockdown 2.0 in effect, this autumn is looking like it’s going to be rubbish, but will the mighty Green and Gold let that get us down?

Will we heck!

Over 50 of us donned our colours and stepped out to run a 10k.

Sounds easier than it is, right? 10k is a long way on your own!

It’s safe to say, however, we have absolutely smashed it! Many of you have achieved the maximum 50 points and we should all be proud of ourselves for getting on that leaderboard.

The full 10k results are available here.

Best of all, is that this is just the start! Our November challenge is a 5k, again with an extra 5 points up for grabs for joining one the MNF sessions in November.

Please remember to chat with your coach and get your handicap in place before you run. 

Good luck to everyone. Stay strong and hammer the kudos button on Strava to support your team-mates.

Remember ‘people need people’ even if it is virtually! ??