World Record Attempt – Part II (the result)

So last week we trawled the archives to find the inspiring story of 10 Wallsend men on a mission to break the 100-mile relay world record. And this week we have the headline you’ve all been waiting for…

They did it! Well of course they did, their Green and Gold!

The previous record (held by Dulwich Runners AC at Crystal Palace) stood at 9 hours and 41 minutes, which was set two years before at Crystal Palace by Dulwich Runners AC.

Our guys smashed it at Churchill Playing Fields in Whitley Bay on 31st March 2007 in an incredible 8 hrs, 35 mins and 5 secs (an average of 5 mins 48 secs per mile)!

They were:

Paul Brown, Paul Leigh, Gareth Huxley, Dave Moir, Tony Carter, Dave Daniels, Steve O’Gara, Dave Anderson, Steve Hargreaves and Mark Hall.

A cheque for £1,000 (thanks to the generosity of William Hill bookmakers) was donated to Beacon Hill School Special School.

The newly laid track at Churchill is making good progress and we can’t wait to be back training on there again soon. Who knows, maybe we will see another world record broken on there in the future.


  • Paddy Dinsmore

    What an amazing accomplishment from all the 10 guys plus those who took part in the trials, officiated and supported on that day just over 13 years ago. I think we need a reunion for 15 years ???

  • Hi,
    It was Dave Young and not Paul Brown in the final 10 in the world record relay team.
    What a fantastic day that was.