Training Schedule wc 15th June ??

Here is our plan for next week; remember if you do train together, then please remember to keep follow our Covid-19 Guidance.
If you aren’t able to get together then fear not, you can always drop by Strava or our other social media channels.

As always, let us know if you’ve any feedback or questions.

Paddy’s patter

I hope you have all seen and read our Covid-19 guidelines, these are really important to help us start some small groups coaching.
We will be running a few small trials this week and will then look at ways of opening coaching for more athletes, always meticulously following the guidelines.
Thanks to Jen, Alex and David for writing the guidelines.

I’m really encouraged with the overall number of people joining our MNF but I’d like to see more juniors, 365 members and their friends and families.
Give it a try, it’s always 6:30pm on Monday and you can put in as much or as little effort as you want.
It’s also great to see the number of athletes training – keep this up and keep in touch with your team mates and coaches ??

Zones and Pacing

Zone and target pace HR
Very Easy x 1.5 12:00 65%
Easy x 1.3 10:22 72%
Marathon x 1.09 08:45 83%
Threshold x 1.04 08:16 87%
Interval x 0.95 07:36 95%
Reps x 0.87 07:00 98%
Fast x 0.81 06:30 99%

Here’s the science bit, all times below based on running at 8 mins per mile for a 10k. You may need to adjust the timings for your own individual pace.

Following feedback we’ve created a pace calculator to allow you to work out your target paces easily, just enter your target 10k time in the h:mm:ss format and let it do the hard work for you.
For example 45 minutes would be 0:45:00, 65 minutes would be 1:05:00

Junior Plan

We’d encourage a 20 minute online P.E. class each weekday morning.

Mon Rest
Monday Night Fitness
Tue 10 min VE, 2 mile Time Trial, 10 min VE
Wed Rest
Thu 15 mins E, 5 x 150m strides, walk back rest
Fri 5 mins E, 20 mins T on grass, 5 mins E
Sat 30 mins stretching
Sun 45 mins E

Intermediate plan

Mon 30 mins S&C
Monday Night Fitness
Tue 10 mins VE, 2 mile Time Trial, 10 mins VE
Wed Rest
Thu 30 mins E
Fri 10 min E, 5 x 800m F (3 mins Rest), 10 mins E
Sat Rest
Sun 65 mins E

Advanced plan

Mon 30 mins S&C
Monday Night Fitness
Tue 10 mins VE, 2 mile Time Trial, 10 mins VE
Wed 45 mins E
Thu 30 mins E
Fri 10 mins VE, 2 x (2 x 200m, 2 x 400m, 800m) R pace, rest is VE for rep distance, 10 mins VE
Sat Rest
Sun 60 mins E, 15 mins M