Danielle maintains xc domination at Gosforth.

Ok ok so I wasn’t there, but I was with you all in spirit (as I stuffed myself with pastries in sunny Paris 🙂

Rumour had it that the weather was biblical; thunder, lightning, hail, the lot, but from what I could see on Facebook it was glorious sunshine (bunch of drama queens :).

Am I annoying you yet?

I’m pretty sure Gosforth Park is a new course to the Harrier League (do correct me if I’m wrong), and one would be forgiven for presuming it would be pretty flat round that there racecourse. Not the case apparently. But undeterred by the morning’s apocalyptic conditions and the undulating terrain, we were out in force again.

It was great to see representatives in three of the junior categories. Kate Weatherill running really well in the u13s, Sam Charlton back from injury to take fifth in the u17s (15.38), Luke Pichler improving all the time with a brilliant third spot in the u11s and Daniel Scott running a cracking 6.44 in the u11s too.

The women had their biggest turnout this season, maintaining a strong second position in division three, with the B team coming in fifth! Promotion to the medium pack made little dent in Danielle’s second quest for victory. She came blasting through to take first place again, with a generous four minute plus lead. We can’t wait to see what she does from the fast pack! It was great to see Sam Crooks making her xc debut. A great addition to the team and straight promotion into the medium pack along with Julie W and Nina!

Our other xc beauties were Sarah Robson, Jess, Anna French (great to have her running xc for us again), Julie W, Joy, Julie C, Zahra (back for more despite her initial reservations, just the spirit we need), Chrystal, Jeanette, Christine S and Lesley. Well done you Wallsend wonders.

The men’s race is becoming a pretty epic event, with 623 competing at Gosforth. We came a sterling ninth in the top division after strong performances from our Harrier heartthrobs :).

Our first team was Kevin W, Dan W, Tim Nicholson, Andy Wigmore, David Diston and Adam. Following were Simon Charlton, Simon Lyon, James Torbett, Neil Armstrong, Alan Allsop, Danny Hughes, Mick Skeldon, Joe Colligan, Dave Hall, Mick Costello, Michael Lindsay, Micky Todd and Alan Heslington,

Full results here.

Well done everyone who took part. You did us all proud. But we can’t rest on our laurels, there’s still a long way to go if we want to maintain and hopefully improve our positions.

Next up is one of my fave courses, Aykley Heads in Durham, this Saturday (Nov 17). More info is here. Do please come out and run. It’s only an afternoon and it’s such good fun. The weather looks to be kind and I will return with cake a plenty (promise). See you there amigos!