Now that’s what I call…x-country 2016!

20161210_141648I loved it! It was really muddy. It was really hilly and a bit chilly, but there was a great atmosphere. If you haven’t done a x-country with the club yet you really must. I haven’t donned my spikes for years and I think even then I only wore them once. My babies have always come during the winter so I’ve had a good excuse. The last time I was at Ackley Heads I was weeks away from having baby number two and feigned sympathy with all the runners as they grumbled about the “massive hill” at the end and the generally tough course. Now it was time to face the music…

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Graham makes victorious come back at first WGP!

Well done to Graham Armstrong for taking maximum points after coming back from injury. Mark Summers took 2nd place with an excellent 20:32 just ahead of a fantastic run and new under 15 record holder Samuel Charlton, in a sensational time of 17:19. Well done Samuel. It wasn’t the only record of the night, Mark’s son Matty Summers, took more time off his under 13 time, posting 18:45. Cracking run Matty. Fastest male of the night was Simon Lyon with a 17:07, Simon’s better half Sarah Robson was the fastest female with 19:32. Well done both.

With two XC and a WGP down, and SIXTEEN races left to go, Erin Prior currently sits at the top, ahead of Oisian. Full results here.

Next race is the Wallsend take-over Park Run at Rising Sun Country Park on 5th November, you’ll gain a maximum 50 points whether you volunteer or run. Remember to wear your vest, hoodie, anything that will publicise Wallsend Harriers. See you then!

Go go Green and Golds!

monkton juniorsIt’s been another busy couple of weeks for us Green and Golds during the so-called Summer season.

From our tenacious team juniors at Monkton Stadium to Mark Summers and his continuing 2016 half marathon challenge. This month he has completed the arduous Hadrian’s Wall (along with Julie Williams) and Coquet Half Marathon. Seven down five to go!

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Elaine starts the New Year as she means to go on!

NEW YEAR'S DAYElaine Liu took all the glory on a brisk morning at the New Year’s Day Winter Grand Prix race. Elaine stormed around in the fastest female time of 34:12.8 seconds ahead of Paul Stretesky who finished in a time of 33:50. Paul James rounds off the top 3 with a 32:42. Harry Coates once again takes the fastest male with a time of 26:43. Well done guys.

First junior to finish was Denver Stretesky with a 31:06, Olly Aird in 2nd and fastest junior with 31:01, Mason Stretesky 3rd 36:54, and Matty Summers 4th with a 37:05. Great running guys.

Attached is the updated grand prix table, with the maximum 50 points awarded to each finisher, well done everyone! And a massive thank you to Shirley Summers, Lyndsey Day, Michael Day and Leanne Smith for helping out with the timings and officiating.

NYDay race

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