Training Plan wc 10th Aug πŸ’šπŸ’›

Please remember that if you do train together, whether that be at an official club session or as a social run, that you always follow our Covid-19 Guidance.
If you aren’t able to get together then fear not, you can always drop by Strava or our other social media channels.

As always, let us know if you’ve any feedback or questions.

Paddy’s patter

My coach, a very wise man, told me that you don’t run faster without running faster. That’s why we have been working on our shorter speed sessions these last few weeks.
I hope you all took part in the 2 mile TT last week, this week we have the 1 mile TT…
Let’s all enjoy the week πŸ’šπŸ’›

Zones and Pacing

Zone and target paceHR
Very Easyx 1.512:0065%
Easyx 1.310:2272%
Marathonx 1.0908:4583%
Thresholdx 1.0408:1687%
Intervalx 0.9507:3695%
Repsx 0.8707:0098%
Fastx 0.8106:3099%

Here’s the science bit, all times below based on running at 8 mins per mile for a 10k. You may need to adjust the timings for your own individual pace.

Following feedback we’ve created a pace calculator to allow you to work out your target paces easily, just enter your target 10k time in the h:mm:ss format and let it do the hard work for you.
For example 45 minutes would be 0:45:00, 65 minutes would be 1:05:00

Junior Plan

Tue10 min VE, 1 mile TT, 10 min VE
Thu5 min M, 15 min T
Fri5 mins VE, 10 x 100m walk back rest, 5 min VE
Sun45 min E

Intermediate plan

Tue10  min VE, 1 mile TT, 10 min VE + 4 x 30 sec F
Wed30 min M
Fri10 min VE, 3 x 1 mile, 10 min VE + 30 min stretching
Sun70 min E

Advanced plan

Tue10  min VE, 1 mile TT, 10 min VE + 4 x 30 sec F
Wed10 min E, 5 min M, 15 min T
Fri10 min VE, 3 x (2 x400m F, 200m jog rec) 3 min set rest, 10 min VE
Sun60 mins E & 15 min M 

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