‘May the 40th be Mish you’


Ok, it’s weak but I couldn’t resist (sorry Mish, but I had to pay tribute to your efforts in the headline).

I can barely keep up with all the Green and Gold goings on over the last few days (and just generally in fact)! I hope I have not missed anyone from the following list of events and achievements from the past week (if I have you have my permission to sternly DM me!)

On tour we had Ian Gowing at Keswick Half Marathon (1hr 49) and the tenacious Mark Summers tackling yet another half, this time at Oswestry (Shropshire).

Andrew Clark organised the very first Tyne Trail Ultra, making sure around 100 serious runners made it 75km/150km from Northumberland to The Watch Tower at Tynemouth along the Tyne Trail. What an awesome achievement Andy. V proud.

Us old’uns were flying the flag at the NEMAA Vets Relays in Jarrow. A good turn out and an enjoyable if not brisk May evening around a 2 mile(ish) course. Here are the results:

Emily 12.55. Donna 13.14, Elaine 12.55 (9th out of 51 teams)

Mish 14.35, Christine S 16.27, Jeanette 15.09 (22nd /51)

Kris Stobbs 10.59, Dan W 10.49, Robbie L 12.04 (15th/53)

Brian Hetherington 10.45, Mick S 11.43, Graham Armstrong 11.41 (18/53)

Andy W 11.33, Keith O’Donnell 12.41, Dave Hall 12.28 (32/53)

Alan H 12.39, Kev 15.00, Paul S 12.58 (46/53)

Over in Sunderland a few days later Andy Wigmore  got close to a 10k PB at Sunderland in a cracking time of 40:33. Our beloved mad Mish decided to celebrate her 40th by also taking part and bagging herself a PB of 52.19 (chip time) before hot footing it over to Monkton Stadium to make up the ladies track and field team. Nutter, but we love you for it!

Alan Heslington got a corker of a half marathon PB in Sunderland with an awesome 1hr 38:13 and second v55 overall! Steve Mallam also PB’d at the same event with 1hr 30:30. Well done to both of you.

A full write up is to follow on the first track and field meet at Monkton Stadium so watch this space.

Ta ra for now!