Newbie Lyndsey takes the victory on the opening WGP

New to the club, Lyndsey Broderick, took the honours tonight with a time of 26:49 securing maximum 50 points. Nina Wilkinson posted a fast time with a 22:23 for second place and David Hall rounded off the podium.

Our fastest female of the night was Becki Newman with a time of 21:31. Well done all.

Next race is the Temple Park Cross Country this Saturday. You will be awarded 10 points if this is your first XC of the year, and 15 additional points if you took part at Tanfield. GOOD LUCK ALL.

Many thanks for my beautiful assistant Leanne for officiating and helping with the results. Click here to see them in full.


Club Championships – for the record

In August we printed an article on the website about this year’s Club Championships that stated David Scoins was the new v60 record holder. This was an error as the record was and still is held by our late former chairman Terry O’Gara (39.24 in 2005 at the age of 63). This was a genuine mistake and apologies to David (who should still be acknowledged for an awesome run) and Terry’s family.

GNR day – important info

gnrteamIt’s nearly time people! Less than 48 hours until the greatest half marathon in the world!

Hopefully you are all resting before the big day now. Just a reminder that team Green and Gold will meet for pre-GNR photo at 10am on the left hand bank of the orange zone.

The traditional post-GNR drink will be at the Maggie Bank in North Shields as the Porthole is permanently closed 🙁

Good luck everyone!

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