Training Schedule wc 20th April 💚💛

The ‘Toby’ crew celebrating after 188 miles together 💪

It seems that Paddys plans have proved extremely popular with many club members using the sessions on Strava, with plenty of ribbing and motivation going on as well.

Here’s the sessions for next week – remember to motivate each other and keep in touch via our social media channels.

As always, let us know if you’ve any feedback or questions.

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Training Schedule wc 13th April 💚💛

Our Division 2 NEHL Champions

We hope you and your loved ones are all keeping well in these, the strangest of times.

With no races on the horizon, training alone and garnering motivation may be a struggle at times. With this in mind the green and gold legend that is Paddy Dinsmore, has designed plans that all club members can follow, whatever your pace or ability.

He’s also taken the plunge on Strava, so make sure your elapsed time is bang on the money. 😉

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For the love of Lambton and thereafter…

And so it was Lambton where we had our final x-country outing of what became a season like no other. X-country has a reputation for tenacity and determination, battling and braving the elements, always on at all costs. But 2019/20 threw more at us than we bargained for. First the storms and floods and then the coronavirus. Mother Nature fighting back perhaps?

I think most of us knew this would be our last chance to run as a club for a while but I was still naïve as to the enormity of what would unfold. Not only the last of the x-countries but the start of race after race being postponed, cancelled or rescheduled, including our own Terry O’Gara Memorial 5k.

So this was our last chance to show everyone what Wallsend is made of. The turn out of Green and Golds was phenomenal (29 in total) and so was the camaraderie and gusto. As expected, the overall numbers were down, providing the perfect opportunity to score some vital points.

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