Summer Grand Prix 2019

The Summer Grand Prix (SGP) is a series of races which are run from April through to August.
As well as our own two mile handicap races; the series comprises a variety of popular and challenging events, including the Wallsend Harriers Club Championship – which is the pinnacle of our own club racing calendar.

Our reigning SGP champion is Graham Armstrong.

The 4 SGP handicap races take place around the tracks of the Rising Sun Country Park, starting at the Barking Dog.
They usually take place on a Tuesday evening, where we gather at 6.30pm with a 6.45pm start.

The dates for this years SGP handicap races are as follows:

The following events will also count towards SGP scoring:

  1. Blyth 10k – Sun 7th April
  2. Sand Dancer 10k – Sun 14th April
  3. Good Friday Relays – Friday 19th April
  4. North Tyneside 10k – Sun 21st April
  5. Terry O’Gara Memorial 5k – Sun 28th April
  6. Gordon Smith Relays – Wed 8th May
  7. Raby Castle 10k – Sun 12th May
  8. Les Allcorn 10k – Tues 14th May
  9. Clive Cookson 10k – Wed 15th May
  10. Track & Field 1, Leeds – Sun 19th May
  11. Pier to Pier – Sun 19th May
  12. Blaydon Race – Sun 9th June
  13. Track & Field 2, Middlesbrough – Sun 16th June
  14. Weetslade Relays – Wed 19th June
  15. Bridges of the Tyne – Tues 2nd July
  16. Sunderland 5k – Thu 11th July
  17. Track & Field 3, Morpeth – Sun 14th July
  18. Club Championships – Tue 16th July
  19. Track & Field 4, Whitley Bay – Sat 10th August
  20. Quayside 5k – Wed 14th August
  21. Watergate 5k – Thu 29th August
  22. Any 1 Marathon ran between April and August

Scoring is a combined total of:

  • Your 2 best SGP races
  • Your 4 best Road, Relay or Marathon races
  • 10 points per participation at a Track & Field event, as an athlete or official