Winter Grand Prix 2018 / 2019

The Winter Grand Prix (WGP) is a series of races which are run from September through to March.
As well as our own 3 mile handicap races; the series comprises a variety of popular regional events, including the North Eastern Harrier League (NEHL).

The reigning WGP champion is Julie Williams.

Our own 5 WGP handicap races take place around Cobalt Business Park, starting from the West Allotment Country Park Car Park (opposite the Village Hotel).
They take place on a Tuesday evening, meeting at 6:30pm for a 6:45pm start.

The dates for this years WGP handicap races are as follows;

  • Tues 16th October
  • Tues 6th November
  • Tues 11th December (Doug Bramley Trophy)
  • Tues 8th January
  • Tues 12th March (moved from the 19th to accommodate the AGM)

The following events will also count towards WGP scoring:

  1. NEHL 1, Wrekenton – Sat 29th Sept
  2. NEHL 2, Druridge Bay – Sun 7th Oct
  3. NEHL 3, Gosforth Park – Sat 27th Oct
  4. Gibside Fruit Bowl – Sun 4th Nov
  5. Heaton Memorial 10k – Sun 11th Nov
  6. NEHL 4, Aykley Heads – Sat 17th Nov
  7. Brampton to Carlisle – Sun 18th Nov
  8. North East XC Champs – Sat 8th Dec
  9. Norman Woodcock Relays – Sat 15th Dec
  10. New Years Day parkrun – Tues 1st Jan
  11. Cathedral Relays – Sunday 13th Jan
  12. NEHL 5, Thornley Hall Farm – Sat 9th Feb
  13. Royal Signal Relays – Sat 16th Feb – Postponed / Cancelled
  14. NEHL 6, Alnwick Castle – Sat 2nd Mar
  15. Any one marathon during the WGP series

Scoring is a combined total of:

  • 3 x best WGP races
  • 3 x best Road, Trail & Relay races
  • 5pts per NEHL and North East XC Champs participation

XC Bonuses

  • 5pts for pack promotion in NEHL
  • Ladies; 10pts for 3+ NEHL events and promotion to Div 2
  • Gents; 10pts for 3+ NEHL events and remaining in Div 1

The full table of WGP fixtures is here.

Additional information on the NEHL and other XC Championships can be found here.