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It is one of the club commitments that new runners will be accompanied at all times on club nights, and prospective members are urged not be dissuaded from applying for membership by any preconceptions about fast-paced runs or ultra-distance efforts!

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time:      6.15pm leaving at 6.30pm
Where:   Hadrian Leisure Centre

NB: In the summer months (just on a Tuesday) we meet at Rising Sun Country Park (Asda car park). Once a month (also on a Tuesday)we also have our inter-club Grand Prix races, which have different meeting places so please check first or look at the Facebook page for updates.

Friday (track session – Seniors and Youths)
Time:      6.15pm for 6.30pm start
Where:   Churchill Playing Fields, Monkseaton (Whitley Bay)

Training on Tuesday and Thursday is structured around 4 groups and a Young Athletes group – these groups ensure we cater for all athletes and abilities:


Group 1

Led by Paddy Dinsmore (CiRF, First Aider)


Group 2

Led by David Hall (LiRF, First Aider)

Picture coming soon.

Group 3

Led by Kevin Payne (Level 2)


Group 4

Led by Jackie Garnett (First Aider)

Picture coming soon.


Young Athletes

Led by Barry Allsopp (Level 2)

Click here for more details of our Junior Section


Other coaches at Wallsend Harriers:


Andy Wigmore (First Aider)


Julie Williams (First Aider)

Simon Williams (First Aider)

Steve Aird (First Aider)

Sam Mallam (First Aider)

Shaun Broderick (Jnr)

Elaine Ashton (First Aider)

Dave Collinson (First Aider)

Julie Collinson

Bill Todd

Gary Lewis

Other First Aiders:

Christine Stretesky

Paul Stretesky


  • Jayne Grigoriadi


    I am interested in joining you on a Tuesday and Thursday, work shifts permitting. Would like would it be possible for me to join you this Tuesday?

    • Hi Jayne
      Apologies for the delay. Not sure if anyone got back to you but please do come along any Tuesday evening. From May 15th we will be meeting in Asda car park just outside the entrance to the Rising Sun Country Park in Wallsend. On a Thursday we will still meet at Hadrian Leisure Centre. It would be great to see you.

  • Hey guys me and my daughter would like to join a session with a view to joining the club …. would that be ok ? My daughter is 12 and recently ran the junior gnr … she’s very active in running and her commitment has rubbed off on me so I have dusted the old running shoes out

  • Assuming car park ? 6.15

    • Good Afternoon Lee,

      The website has been undergoing some maintenance, so apologies for the later than normal response.

      We’re now back to our Hadrian Leisure Centre HQ for both Tuesday and Thursday sessions. The plan is to arrive for 18:15 and be out for 18:30 sharp with the nights becoming darker.

      Hope to see you with us tonight.

      • Yeah I’m coming along tonight Dave.
        Do you meet at car park or inside sports centre..


        • Hi Lee,

          We usually meet within the sports centre for a brief from the chairman, then congregate outside prior to splitting into our groups.

          Just head down and follow the trail of Hi-Viz clothing!

  • Hi Dave

    Would like to join you on Tuesday for your knowledge & experience.
    As currently just picking tips up online.
    I’ve entered the gnr . Have done a bit of training for it , hopefully enough..

    Would like to continue training after . As I’ve got the bug ,
    Currently run about 8.45 ish per mile.

    Regards lee

    • Hi Lee
      Just come along on a Tuesday evening and see how you get on. It would be great to see you. During the summer we meet at the Rising Sun Country Park (in the Barking Dog car park) at about 6.20pm on a Tuesday. This will be for the next couple of weeks. Then on September 19th we will be holding our Cub Championships, meeting at Centurion Golf Club. After that we will meet as usual at Hadrian Leisure Centre on a Tuesday. We still meet there on a Thursday.
      Look forward to seeing you.

    • Hi Lee,

      Just a quick heads up if you do fancy joining us tomorrow – we’ll be meeting at Hadrian Leisure Centre due to the predicted bad weather.

      Hope to see you then!
      Many thanks,

  • Hello
    I’m interested in coming along, and hopefully joining. Can I just turn up?

    • Hi Kerri,

      Thanks for getting in touch and of course you can just turn up.

      On Tuesday’s during the summer we’ve started taking sessions in the Rising Sun Country Park, meeting at the Barking Dog pub for 6:30 pm – we’d love to see you there.

      We have groups and coaching to suit all runners – have you done any running previously? If so have you done any parkruns or other running events?

      Hope to see you soon,

  • Hi. My friend and I were wanting to join for a session on Tuesday. If that’s ok. We are both experienced runners , not fast runners, but just need a little motivation. We are both running around 2/3 times per week and do parkrun where we can.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for getting in touch and it’s great that you’d like to run with us.

      On Tuesday’s during the summer we’ve started taking sessions in the Rising Sun Country Park, meeting at the Barking Dog pub – we’d love to see you there.

      What kind of time do you run for a Parkrun?

      Many thanks,

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