New Jelly Tea course not for the faint hearted!

leeWell I ran/walked (no shame) the Jelly Tea 10 miler starting and finishing at Hexham Racecourse and what a brutal ‘race’ it was.

Hill after hill climb after climb (that’s how it felt on my weary legs!)I was looking for about 1hr 20mins finish time but that went out of the window after 2 miles and the first climb/run/walk up the hill(s)..but I cracked on facing many hills to challenge me during the ‘race’ and through sheer perseverance and the support of fellow club runners we ran/walked and ‘bitched’ up the hills of Hexham.

In the end I was pleased to see the finishing line after running/walking up another hill towards the racecourse. A shout of “Go on Wallsend” from someone down the road behind me spurred me on and getting on the dirt track to the finish line and seeing my fellow Wallsend Harriers and ‘racers’ Keith, Joe and Andy Wigmore shouting support for me was awesome. I crossed the finsh line in 1hr 28mins and 15secs (offical time) and then fell to the ground in a crumpled heap! wWill I do the ‘Jelly Tea’ again?!..err nope!

jellyendWell done to the other Wallsend Harriers Emily, Jeanette and Tony Maddocks who ‘raced’ too. The hills of Hexham are not for the faint hearted that’s for sure.

Well hopefully after ‘racing’ today it will bear fruit for me as I was in 4th place in Wallsend Harriers Summer Grand Prix series of races after today’s ‘race’ and getting my 10 points for attending the race and whatever points I get for finishing within my predicted time (if any Mr Lewis!) I will either finish in 2nd or 3rd I think….

Lee Walker

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  • Well done team! Cracking effort. I think I may be the only one that is enticed to do this race following Lee’s report. Sounds like there was more climbing then the fell race I did yesterday

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