Virtual WGP – Spring into action info

With the nights getting lighter and lockdown restrictions soon to be eased, we could all do with little more motivation and mojo as we prepare for the return to our club sessions at the end of the month.

It’s time to spring into action!

We’ve heard your feedback on Time Trial fatigue over recent months, so have something a little different up our sleeve.

We know some of our more competitive members would like more points up for grabs. ✅

We know some of you do a lot more than just running ✅

We know some of you might have put on a few inches over lockdown and need a kick up the backside… Erm, I think that one is just me! 😬

Over the next 3 weeks, you’ll be able to score a maximum of 25 points per week by just being active.
Whether that’s running along the coast enjoying the views, dusting off the lycra and working on that cyclist tan, contorting and stretching with pilates and yoga.
Whatever floats your active boat. No handicaps, no time trials. Just getting up and active.

Week 1 (wc 8th March)
5 points per 15 mins of activity, so 75 mins to get 25 points

Week 2 (wc 15th March)
5 points per 20 mins of activity, so 100 mins to score 25 points

Week 3 (wc 22nd March)
5 points per 25 mins of activity, so 125 mins will hit max points

Our only ask is to be honest and let your coach know what you’ve done on a weekly basis so we can track it.

February results and table will be shared later in the week, I’ve got some dust to get off my running gear…