Gordon Smith Relays 2019 – Provisional results

Firstly a huge thank you from us all at Wallsend Harriers for braving the conditions last night and giving us another evening of top class entertainment.

We’d also like to publicly thank our wonderful event organisers, officials and marshals for their fantastic efforts and enthusiasm – we hope you’ve dried off and warmed up by now!!

Finally a huge thank you to Dave Daniels for the speedy results.

Here are the provisional results from last night;



Full results and report will follow in due course.


  • Sorry; in the women’s it should be Rachelle Falloon, not Fallow, for Morpeth Harriers Team A. My handwriting again, I suspect.
    Have checked our teams and that ‘s definitely the last one!

    Peter Scaife

  • I put my hand up as it’s my terrible handwriting, I suspect! I filled in the declarations for the club. Yes, I am a teacher also. Do as I say, not as I do is what I tell the kids…
    (Graeme Thorpe, by the way, is a Graeme not a Graham also. )

    • We appreciate the honesty Peter – I always thought it was doctors who had terrible handwriting!
      I’ll add Graeme to the amendment list as well.

  • Claire Calverley

    Hi, just laughing as I notice my name is down as ‘Claire Calu Faley’, rather than ‘Claire Calverley’ (Morpeth, 16th placed team). That’s the funniest mispelling of my name I’ve come across yet. Can you please amend it for the final version? Thanks, Claire.

    • Hi Claire,
      thank you for letting us know and we’re glad it made you smile.
      The results team were hard at work til the early hours, but we’ll ensure its passed on to them for correction ?

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