Right on track at Monkton.

We ran, we threw, we jumped, we conquered.

There must have been something in the air (of which there was a lot blustering around Monkton Stadium!) On a euphoric day when the Toon were promoted, the mighty Green and Golds (and Whites!) were inspired to victory. After a disheartening relegation last season Wallsend and Blyth teamed up once again to show why they deserve to be top spot. While over in Tynedale our minis competed in their first proper competition track and field  – Tynedale Open –  with a great turn out.

It were right nippy in Jarra’ on Sunday but a hardy bunch of souls battled through the wind to clinch overall first place.

For anyone who hasn’t competed in track and field yet and perhaps is wary of such a venture I say to you this: Do it, drink in the adrenaline and you won’t regret it. On this particular meeting (the first of the season) I was faced with 800m, 1,500m and shot put. As you can imagine I’m not of standard shot putting stature and I could have been demoralised by this as I moseyed on up alongside some pretty hardcore-looking women. But I just thought ‘to heck with it. I’m in it for the team and I’m going to give it my best shot.’ I actually enjoyed it and have decided to invest some time in actual practice so I can get semi decent at it. That’s why it’s worth just having a go. Not only are you earning the team vital points but you might even find something you like and could be pretty good at.

Now 800m was a different story. I hated every painful second of it. It’s too short and fast for me and my body turns to lead as soon as that gun goes off, but the good thing about it being short and fast is that it’s over quickly. And as it turns out I won the B race and I’m pretty sure I got a PB. As my ever-supportive hubby shouted at me as I ran the sprint finish of my life in the 1,500m “run your own race love.” He’s so right. Forget the rest, do it for you. I absolutely loved the 1,500. So I didn’t win it, but I don’t think anyone watching me down that home straight could deny I gave it my all. I overtook someone I didn’t think I’d have a hope in hell’s chance of beating. As I hit the last lap Paddy stared right at me from the infield and said “get that one in the red Em” so I bloody well did. Even though I didn’t win I felt like I had.

I was so proud of everyone who took part. It feels wrong to focus on specific performances so here‘s the full results table for you to look at. I think everyone competed outside of their comfort zone at some point in the proceedings but I bet they’d all do it again. And women, we need more of you! The blokes were out in force again but we’re still really struggling to attract decent numbers of females. Please, please I urge you to sign up for the next one, even if it’s just for one event. Everyone is so supportive and it’s a great atmosphere. Every meet this season is at Jarrow or Churchill Playing Fields so there really is no excuse. Come and be part of something special.

Thanks to everyone who took part, helped out or supported.

Roll on Monkton on June 4th.

Photos from the day will be appearing on our Gallery and Flickr page soon so keep checking the website.