Wallsenders at Durham Relays and Brass Monkey

Brass MonkeyWhat a weekend for Wallsend Harriers!

Whilst teams of three gave it their all over a two-mile leg of muddy terrain at Durham Relays, a merry band of Green and Golds took on the infamously fast (but cold) Brass Monkey half marathon in York. And what triumphs they bestowed.

At Durham relays Elaine Ashton was 10th fastest vw35 in an impressive time of 12.49. Alan Heslington was also 10th fastest vm55 in a fantastic 12.40.

Our super speedy Erin Prior at just 16 years old, was just shy of a top 10 spot but completed the course with ease in 9th place in leg 1 with a sensational time of 12 minutes flat!

All our runners put in a sterling effort:

Kevin Wilson (10:58), Jack Armstrong (11:34)and Denver Stretetsky (11:20), (20th senior men’s team)

Elaine Ashton, Emily James, Anna French (32nd senior/vet women’s team)

Erin Prior, Laura Murphy, Stacey Davidson (35th)

Julie Williams, Nina Wilkinson, Mish Margison (46th)

Paul James, Mick Skelton, Alan Heslington (31st vet men’s team)

Graham Armstrong, Joseph Hoben, David Hall (45th vet men’s team)

Thanks to everyone who took part and supported. It’s always a great team event to take part in. Full results are here:



Further south in York there were PBs a plenty at the brrrr Brass Monkey:

Our newbie David Diston completed it in an impressive 1:26:44 (think what more there is to come!)

Sarah Robson got a two minute PB of 1:30:34 (next stop sub 1:30!)

Everyone went under 1hr 50. Simon Lyon in 1:33:20, Keith O’Donnell 1:28:49, Kris Stobbs 1:24:37, Joe Colligan 1:34:02, Sean McIntyre 1:26:13, Alastair Willis 1:26:44 and an injured Laura Firth 1:46:30.

Fantastic running guys. We’re very proud of you all.


I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month has in store!


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  • Hi Emily. thanks for another great write up. Think you missed Graham Armstrong who was 4th or 5th V55 in an amazing time of 11.50 – fastest Wallsend vet on the day. Great running Graham.