‘Mish-on’ accomplished at WGP #5

An ‘out of this world’ performance from Mish Margison wins tonight’s Winter Grand prix, knocking 1 min 38 sec from her previous best a fortnight ago. Thomas Ferguson was closing the gap but settled for a 2nd place finish. Danny Hughes rounded off the podium in 3rd.

Fastest male of the night was Samuel Charlton with a 17:23, 2nd Olly Aird with a 17:51. Fastest female, fellow junior Erin Prior with a 20:24, Emily James 2nd in 22:21. Well done everyone.

Here’s the overall table, and Alf Alan Heslington holds onto top spot, with Julie Williams 2nd and Sarah Robson holding on to 3rd. However only 4 runners have qualified for all competitions, including Alan. For all other runners, if you haven’t got your name down for the Royal Signal relays, let Simon Lyon know ASAP!

Thanks Paddy for helping with the times 🙂

Gary Lewis

Forthcoming races – get your name down!

Sign up for Durham Cathedral Relays

The 2017 Durham Cathedral Relays will take place on Sunday 15th January.

It is a x-country event for teams of three runners, with each runner completing two laps of a fast, mainly flat, grass course. Each leg is approx. 3,000m (just short of two miles).

The event includes three races:

1. Vet men (35+)

2. Senior women/vet women (35+)

3. senior men


More information can be found here.

It’s a great event for the start of the year and we’d love to send as many teams as possible.

If you’re interested a list will be going on the board at the club this coming Tuesday but if you can’t make it to the club please send your name to Captain Simon Lyon by Thursday 5th January.