Next Summer Grand Prix on Tuesday (28th June)

The third Summer Grand Prix takes place on Tuesday (June 28th) at the Rising Sun Country Park. Meet at the usual place at the Barking Dog Pub at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start.

Up to date results are here, which includes the Newburn River Run.

Andy Wigmore holds on to the top spot, with Emily James moving into 2nd place, tax man Matt ‘the tash’ Darbyshire moved up 4 places into third.Sarah Robson scored the maximum points on offer by knocking 2 min 13 secs off her handicap time. Well done all.

See you Tuesday.


Your club needs you at Morpeth track and field!

Ok folkems, our third senior Track & Field meeting is on Sunday 3rd July at Morpeth.

Even if you don’t think track and field is your thing pleeeease come along and give it a go. It’s so much fun and it’s a great day out. You don’t have to be exceptional, it’s all about taking part and getting us much needed points.

I went to Gateshead earlier this month and ended up doing long jump, which I haven’t done since school. Of course I didn’t win but I really enjoyed it and reckon I could even be quite good with a bit of practice. It’s great to get out of your comfort zone and try something new but we will of course welcome anyone who would prefer to just do what they are good at.

We need the mighty green and gold to come out and join in and support and fight for our place in the league.

It all starts at 11am and you can come along for your own event(s), just let Paddy know and he will add you to the list.

Go go go green and golds!!!!



Bag packers needed for Toby fundraising

11891392_10207400792720819_5893291800254794351_oAs most of you know we have been supporting St Oswald’s Hospice for the last few years. We have been offered the chance to do a bag packing session at Asda Benton on Saturday 16 July from 10am-1pm (after the Rising Sun Parkrun!) and 1pm-4pm. The money raised would go towards our Toby fund for this year. We are aiming to £30,000 in total over the last nine years.

Bag packs can raise hundreds of pounds in just a few hours if we get plenty of tills covered between us. The time goes really fast, especially on a Saturday when it’s busy, and people are really friendly and generous.

It would be a great opportunity to raise even more money for St Oswald’s and to promote our club in the local community.

If you (seniors and juniors) are interested and can spare some time (even if it’s just an hour), please could you let me or Kev know asap.



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