Training Plan wc 12 Oct 💚💛

The autumnal weather has certainly hit this week, so remember to dress appropriately for our sessions and don’t forget the high-viz either!
We had a few Green and Gold competing at a very muddy Beamish 10k.
Some tremendous times by you all, but a special shout out to Ian-James Elder, not just for wearing white shoes, but for a brilliant ?place overall.

Remember that if you do train together this week, whether that be at an official club session or as a social run, that you always follow our Covid-19 Guidance.
If you aren’t able to get together then fear not, you can always drop by Strava or our other social media channels.

As always, let us know if you’ve any feedback or questions.

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Training Plan wc 28 Sept??

As October draws near, a reminder that fluorescent / reflective clothing must be worn at club sessions, or you may be turned away.
This is our second week of training since local lockdown was introduced. Please make sure you’ve read our updated Covid-19 Guidance prior to attending any session.
If you aren’t able to get to a session then fear not, you can always catch up with your Green and Gold teammates via Strava or our other social media channels.
As always, we’ll get through this together and come out of it stronger and fitter!
If you do have any questions or queries, your group leader or the committee are available to help in any way we possibly can.
#PeopleNeedPeople ??

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