Your club needs you – 2018 AGM – 6th March.

Tuesday 6th March @ 19:30
Lindisfarne Social Club, West Street, Wallsend

Please find attached notice for this year’s AGM. Last year’s AGM minutes can be requested from the Club Secretary (see below).

Everyone is welcome to attend this year’s AGM, however, your subs must be up to date. It is your chance to have your say about your club.

Please note that there will be no formal club sessions for either senior or junior members on the night of the AGM.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of last year’s AGM minutes please contact the Club Secretary.



Marathons – Never say never!

I started running in April 2004 when I signed up for my first GNR to prove to myself I could do it. Since then I’ve always said I would never run a marathon. However, this year something changed. I filled in the application form, handed over a fair few euros, booked flights and a hotel and a few months later I planned to do the Amsterdam marathon. So, after 16 weeks and 518 miles to get me marathon-ready, here’s what I learned along the way.

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